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Welcome to TaraPages.com, my web site originally dedicated to MyIE2 (currently known as Maxthon), a powerful tabbed web browser which I use every day.

This web site used to host my MyIE2 / Maxthon Plugins collection. I hope you enjoyed it during the past years. Unfortunately, the project had to be closed due to several reasons. After closing the plugins site I was going to provide some basic downloads at a later time (mostly my Polish translations for MyIE2 / Maxthon 1.x, and plugins I have written for MyIE2), at the moment though I am no longer sure about that. Sorry. And many thanks to those who made me lose any interest in the whole MyIE2/M project. Hopefully they will contribute more to it ...

Anyway, if you came here looking for some plugins, please see res.maxthon.com instead. All plug-ins from my collection are available from there now. You might also want to check the Plugins board in Maxthon Forums.

To Polish users: ostatnie wydanie polskiej nakładki na przeglądarkę może być pobrane stąd: Polish Pack for MyIE2/Maxthon (planuję zaktualizować ją do najnowszej wersji, ale nie mogę podać konkretnego terminu).

Note: The current version of MyIE2/Maxthon is


Why MyIE2?
MyIE2 (now called Maxthon) is a powerful multi-tabbed browser based on the IE core (IE5.5 and above is recommended). It can open multiple web pages in just one window, with each page in a separate tab, uses little system resources while surfing and has a highly customisable user interface. The browser supports special MyIE2 plug-ins and several IE toolbars, sidebars & other extensions. MyIE2 / Maxthon is freeware (donationware to be precise - but donations are not required and you can use it for free) & needs no registration. It's fast, reliable and has so many features that you will certainly find the ones you need. And if not - there is probably a MyIE2 plugin (or even a few plugins) already written for them ;)

Here are some of the great features the MyIE2 / Maxthon browser can offer (not that I use them all!):

  • Super Drag Drop: open links in new tabs or search for highlighted text easily
  • Auto-Hiding Toolbars & Sidebar: have more surfing space
  • Customised Skins: make your world brighter
  • Mouse Gestures; command your browser with the mouse
  • News Group Browsing Mode: open all News pages at once
  • RSS Reader: stay in touch with the latest news
  • Plug-in Support: extend the functions of the browser
  • External Utilities: switch to other programs with a simple click
  • URL Aliases: access your favourite site with a couple of letters
  • Default Search: just type the words you want to search in the Address Bar
  • Powerful Search Bar: search the web using multiple search engines
  • Form Auto-Filling: save typing time
  • Auto Scroll: scroll web pages down with no mouse use
  • Podcast Support: listen to podcasts without having to open an external application.

The above are just a few examples - if you want to discover all available features, install the browser and start playing with the options ;)

Note: The developer of MyIE2/Maxthon is also working on a new browser, Maxthon 2.0. For more information you can refer to his website: maxthon.com.

IMPORTANT: RSS Feeds Removed
I regret to inform all RSS subscribers that the RSS feeds previously available from my site have been removed. Please delete them from your RSS readers.

My apologies for the inconvenience.

Added 2005-12-28

Latest MyIE2 / Maxthon Release: 1.6.3 (build 80)
Maxthon (MyIE2) 1.6.3 (build 80) was released on 12 October 2007

Latest changes:

* Fixed several internal bugs

MyIE2 / Maxthon 1.6.2 (build 60)
Maxthon (MyIE2) 1.6.2 (build 60) was released on 8 August 2007

Latest changes:

* Fixed a bug in Form Filler
+ Added anti-freeze feature in 2.x
+ Added 'sidebar_tab_complete' event for sidebar plugins

MyIE2 / Maxthon 1.6.1 (build 22)
Maxthon (MyIE2) 1.6.1 (build 22) was released on 31 May 2007

Latest changes:

* Fixed a resize problem under Vista
+ Added Auto Suggest in search box. Enable/disable it in Maxthon Options >> Search
+ Added Option to use old style multiple search (Maxthon Options >> Search)

MyIE2 / Maxthon 1.6.0 (build 30)
Maxthon (MyIE2) 1.6.0 (build 30) was released on 24 May 2007

Latest changes:

* Multi-search uses s.maxthon.com
* Fixed could not use left click on local folder problem
* Fixed a bug that caused sidebar not to show in Vista
+ Exe type plugin support parameters
+ Safe mode
+ Online time statistics

MyIE2 / Maxthon 1.5.9 (build 80)
Maxthon (MyIE2) 1.5.9 (build 80) was released on 11 Feb 2007

Latest changes:

* Fixed several bugs under Windows Vista, Vista is fully supported now
* Fixed a rare bug which may cause losing of settings
+ Added Navigator, you can hide it in Customize dialog
Added 2007-02-11

MyIE2 / Maxthon 1.5.9 (build 30)
Maxthon (MyIE2) 1.5.9 (build 30) was released on 28 Nov 2006

Latest changes:

* Improved Content Filter (aka Web Ad Blocker)
* Improved Web Dialog Blocker
* Solved several IE7 related problems
* Improved stability
Added 2006-11-28

MyIE2 / Maxthon 1.5.8 (build 120)
Maxthon (MyIE2) 1.5.8 (build 120) was released on 24 Oct 2006

Latest changes:

* Fixed 'Google Toolbar disappears on tab close' problem
Added 2006-10-24

MyIE2 / Maxthon 1.5.8 (build 118)
Maxthon (MyIE2) 1.5.8 (build 118) was released on 24 Oct 2006

Latest changes:

* Fixed 'Some RSS feeds cannot be updated' problem
Added 2006-10-24

MyIE2 / Maxthon 1.5.8 (build 116)
Maxthon (MyIE2) 1.5.8 (build 116) was released on 16 Oct 2006

Latest changes:

* Fixed some drawing problem
+ Print out error address and module name when Maxthon crashes
+ Added 'Do not show this dialog' option to turn off 'send crash report' dialog
+ Fixed several internal bugs
+ Save more config when options dialog is closed
Added 2006-10-16

MyIE2 / Maxthon 1.5.7 (build 82)
Maxthon (MyIE2) 1.5.7 (build 82) was released on 28 Sep 2006

Latest changes:

+ New start page
+ Mouse trail for mouse gestures
+ Restore IE as Default Browser to Start options
+ Support for most of IE toolbars
* Fixed a bug in setting default browser feature
* Fixed browser context menu problem under Vista
* Fixed RSS detection with relative URL problem
Added 2006-09-28

MyIE2 / Maxthon 1.5.6 (build 42)
Maxthon (MyIE2) 1.5.6 (build 42) was released on 16 Jun 2006

Latest changes:

* Fixed the bug of Address Bar height
* Updated RSS icon for sidebar
Added 2006-06-16

MyIE2 / Maxthon 1.5.2 (build 21)
Maxthon (MyIE2) 1.5.2 (build 21) was released on 27 Dec 2005

Latest changes:

+ Added 'Free memory regularly' option to Maxthon Options >> Advanced
* Fixed a problem with AdHunter blocking normal popups
Added 2005-12-27

Some MyIE2 plugins are incompatible with Maxthon.

Plugin creators can refer to the following message posted by bloodchen in the forum: Plugin SDK changes in Maxthon.

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